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Tag taxonomies can quickly get out of hand on sites like this one. In an effort to keep the tag list as small as possible — while still providing a meaningful way to sort content — we’ve restricted tag creation to the site’s moderators.

Generally, we won’t make tags for proper nouns (outside of Earth’s continents) or for specific technologies. Instead we favor broad categories like ‘education’, ‘standards’, and ‘software’. That said, we have simply been adding tags to the tag list as we go (rather than attempting to anticipate what kinds of things will be posted), so there are certainly themes and categories that we haven’t encountered yet.

Can’t find the right tag for your story? Every story requires at least one tag, so hopefully there is at least one existing tag that would make sense. Otherwise tag your story with the ‘other’ tag and submit a request for a new tag below (we can always replace the ‘other’ tag later on).

Please submit tag suggestions as comments on this page.

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