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What is leapfrog.io?

Leapfrog.io is a user-curated website for international development, technology, and human rights news. Users submit links to new stories and cast ‘upvotes’ to influence which stories remain on the frontpage.

Leapfrog.io was created to provide a go-to place to stay abreast of current news relevant to international development practitioners, technology implementers, and activists — and to provide a place for thoughtful, public discussions of important topics. Its a place for people working in ict4d, m4d, mhealth, mlearning, edutech, ict4e, ict4ag, socent, opengov, opendata, ngos, as well as many other abbreviations, acronyms, and initialisms.

The software behind leapfrog.io is based on the open-source code that powers Lobste.rs, which itself is based on Y Combinator’s Hacker News.

How are stories ranked?

On the front page, by points divided by a power of the time since they were submitted. Comments in comment threads are ranked the same way.

Stories on the new page and comments on the comments page are listed chronologically.

What is the number next to my username?

That is your karma. Karma represents the quality of your participation in the leapfrog.io community. A user earns karma when other users upvote her submitted stories and her comments.

How is a user’s karma calculated?

Roughly, the number of upvotes on their submissions and comments, minus the number of downvotes. (The numbers won’t exactly match up, because some votes aren’t counted to prevent various types of abuse.)

What do the moderators do?

They can kill stories and edit the titles, and in extreme cases (e.g. spamming or deliberate trolling) ban users.

Who runs leapfrog.io?

Leapfrog.io is run by a handful of volunteers. Visit http://www.leapfrog.io/u to find and browse the profiles of leapfrog.io’s administrators and moderators.